Rigid Longline Float - End Configurations
With Threaded Insert on Each End
With Eye on Each End
With One Eye & One Threaded Insert

Rigid Longline Float - 14" dia.

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This float is designed for longline floatation. Because this float will maintain its full buoyancy at depths, it can fight large sounding fish and return to the surface under conditions where inflatable and foam floats will compress and lose buoyancy.

  • 45 lbs. Buoyancy to 1,000 ft.
  • Safety Orange Color
  • Compact Attachment Eye
  • Flat end for Improved Handling and Storage 
    (Threaded End Only)
  • 14 Inch Diameter (360mm)
  • Weight 9 lbs.
  • Durable to 1,000 feet
Available in three versions:
  • Eye on each end.
  • 1/2"-13 Thread on each end.
  • One eye and one 1/2"-13 thread. (Standard)
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