LP SV-1200 Commercial 12V Electric Reel, Billet Aluminum - Red

LP SV-1200 Commercial 12V Electric Reel, Billet Aluminum - Red

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LP SV-1200 Commercial 12V Electric Reel, Billet Aluminum - Red 

• Fully Variable Speed (50-400 Feet/min.)
• 110+ lbs. pull at all speeds
• Backlit Digital Line Counter
• Digital Clicker, Standard
• Brushless, Sensorless Motor 
• Built-in adjustable level winder
• Factory Installed Quick Release Hub
• Interchangeable Spools

Not for use with "Newmar" Type Power Convertors
Fishing Line Shown in Photo Not Included

 SV-1200 User Manual 9.5mb Adobe PDF 

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How It's Made - LP SV-1200 Electric Reel. Factory Tour!

How It's Made - Lindgren-Pitman SV-1200 Electric Reel. Factory Tour!

The Best Commercial Aluminum Electric Reels 

When it comes to innovations in fishing gear, the 12V electric reel is head and shoulders above the rest, providing anglers with unmatched efficiency and comfort. These reels revolutionize performance and longevity in marine settings with the combination of billet aluminum's strong properties. 
The exceptional strength and lightweight characteristics of billet aluminum are the result of its specific processing. Machined from solid blocks, billet aluminum ensures accurate dimensions and superior mechanical qualities, in contrast to cast aluminum, which entails pouring molten metal into molds. For these reasons, it is the material of choice for premium fishing reels. 
Commercial 12V electric reels are built for fishermen who fish for fun and for a living. They include powerful motors that can easily handle big loads. With their ergonomic shapes and modern technologies, you can easily manage the line retrieval and tension, making them ideal for long fishing trips. The dependability and long-lasting construction of these reels make them ideal for use in the tough sea environment. 
When building reels, using billet metal offers several benefits. Offshore and deep-sea fishing are perfect for it because of how light it is, which means less tiredness even after lengthy periods of use. In addition, unlike more conventional materials, billet aluminum has outstanding corrosion resistance, thus it will last for a very long time even in locations with saltwater. 
12V electric reels are extensively used in the marine sector, from commercial tuna fishing vessels to recreational sportfishing boats. When every second counts, such on deep-sea expeditions or commercial fishing operations, their capacity to swiftly retrieve and manage big catches is crucial. 
Billet aluminum provides an economical alternative to steel without sacrificing strength or performance, as steel is bulkier and more likely to corrode. The malleability of fishing gear, which enables the creation of elaborate designs without compromising structural integrity, increases its overall dependability.
Regular maintenance is essential if you want your billet aluminum reels to last as long as possible. Lubricating moving parts and cleaning components well after each usage stop corrosion and make sure everything runs smoothly. The reel can be kept in good working order for a long time by storing it in a dry, well-ventilated place. 
Take the reel's line capacity, retrieval speed, and power needs into account while shopping for a 12V electric reel. From lightweight models ideal for inshore fishing to robust solutions for offshore expeditions, top companies offer a variety of models to suit different fishing conditions. 
The fishing business is placing a greater emphasis on environmentally friendly operations. Aluminum is a great material for fishermen who are concerned about the environment because it can be recycled. In an effort to promote sustainable fishing practices and decrease waste, fishermen are opting for billet aluminum reels. 
With the rapid advancement of technology, electric reels will soon be able to incorporate cutting-edge capabilities like wireless networking and GPS navigation. These innovations are changing the game for anglers by improving efficiency and giving them access to data insights in real-time. 
Made of billet aluminum, the commercial 12V electric reel is the apex of contemporary fishing technology. Its exceptional performance in marine settings is guaranteed by its high strength-to-weight ratio, lightweight construction, and resistance to corrosion. These reels are a model of creativity and dependability in the quest for the ideal catch, whether you're a professional or just enjoying fishing for fun.