LP S2-1200 Commercial Electric Reel
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LP S2-1200 Commercial Electric Reel

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LP S2-1200 Commercial Electric Reel

Increased efficiency from new technology allows high performance with 12 volts D.C. input.  This level of performance was not previously available at 12 volts. The electronics provides for many new features not available before including a counter and stop at top automatic operation.

The all new cantilever spool design allows for a completely sealed drive system for long reliable, maintenance free use. The gear driven level winder line wraps automatically for hands off carefree retrieval. It is the most rugged and ergonomically designed electric reel available.

US & Foreign Patents Pending

  • Standard Features *=Optional
  • High Power state-of-the-art 12 VDC motor operation
  • Electronic Control and Switching.
  • Electronic Counter
  • Stop at Top Mode
  • Simple Controls
  • Hands Off Hauling
  • Gear Driven Level Winder
  • Ergonomic Cantilever Design
  • Electronics Sealed with Inert Gas Atmosphere
  • Optional Titanium Spool* Endures Any Type or Size of Fishing Line
  • Anodized Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Changeable Spool Design, Quick Change Hub Standard
  • 2 Stage Drag System
  • External Preset Drag Control & Vernier Control
  • Smooth Wide Span Drag Control (180 degrees)
  • 0 to 100 lb. Plus Drag Capability
  • Designed for Continuous Fishing in Deep Water for Large Fish
  • All Line Usable Spool Design
  • High Line Capacity Spool
Fishing Line Shown in Photo Not Included

S2-1200 Wiring Instructions

S2-1200 User Manual 9.5mb Adobe PDF

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The Best Commercial Electric Reels

For serious fishing, especially in commercial or deep-sea environments, a commercial electric reel is an essential piece of gear. Renowned for their efficiency and power in managing enormous catches and deep-water circumstances, these reels are driven by electricity, usually from a battery or direct power source. 
Commercial electric reels, in contrast to more conventional manual reels, are powered by electricity and offer dependable and constant performance. This kind of power source is more efficient at handling big loads and makes retrieving fishing lines a breeze. You may get more done in less time and with less effort when you use an electric reel because of its rapid retrieval speed. Dealing with big or deep-water fish species is where this feature shines. 
With the variable speed control found on many electric reels, anglers may tailor the retrieval speed to different fish species and environmental factors. This adaptability improves command and accuracy while fishing. These reels are constructed with strong materials including corrosion-resistant coatings and stainless steel to endure the demanding conditions of commercial fishing. Longevity and dependability are guaranteed by this durability, even in the most severe marine situations. 
Automatic stop mechanisms and overload protection are common safety features found in electric reels. These measures are designed to keep users safe and protect the reel from harm. Although electric reels are more commonly used in commercial fishing, their user-friendliness and capacity to manage big catches with little effort have made them a popular choice among leisure deep-sea fishermen as well. 
With electric reels, sportsmen no longer have to worry about the mechanics of the reel and can instead concentrate on reeling in fish. When fishing in deep water, where manual reels may not be able to handle the line's weight, an electric reel's powerful recovery capabilities can greatly improve your catch rate. 
With electric reels, you won't have to worry about becoming tired from a long day of fishing because they don't require manual cranking. Optimal performance in different fishing situations is guaranteed by features such as variable speed control, which enhances precision and control over fishing operations. Commercial electric reels provide power, efficiency, and dependability to both professional and amateur anglers, making them indispensable instruments for modern fishing operations.