LP SV-2400 Electric Reel

LP SV-2400 Commercial Electric Reel

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LP SV-2400 Commercial Electric Reel

The Ultimate Dredge Reel
The new SV-2400 24 volt electric reel is 50% faster and pulls 75% harder than our ever-popular 12 volt S-1200. 
By operating on 24v instead of 12v the performance loss from voltage drop is minimized on even the largest of sportfishing boats.
• Variable Speed (100-750 Feet/min.)
• 150+ lbs. pull at all speeds
• Backlit Digital Line Counter
• Digital Clicker, Standard
• Brushless DC Motor 
• Built-in adjustable level winder
• Factory Installed Quick Release Hub
Fishing Line Shown in Photo Not Included

 SV-2400 User Manual 9.5mb Adobe PDF 

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The Best Commercial Electric Reels 

Commercial electric reels provide numerous benefits over older, more labor-intensive manual reel systems and are thus an indispensable part of many maritime and industrial processes. These devices are designed to improve dependability, safety, and efficiency in settings that need strict regulations and constant use. 
Commercial electric reels greatly improve operations' efficiency and production, which is one of their main advantages. Winding and unwinding ropes, cables, or hoses can be a tedious and laborious procedure without electric reels. With this automation, employees may get more done in less time and with less physical strain, freeing them up to concentrate on other important parts of their job. 
For commercial applications, the continuous and dependable performance that electric reels provide is essential. The motors and control systems on these minimize the possibility of overruns or entanglements that might happen while manually manipulating the reels by ensuring perfect control over the speed and tension. The precision of this process helps to keep the materials being reeled in intact and decreases the chances of equipment faults causing downtime. 
Electric reels greatly aid in making business operations safer, which is of the utmost importance. Workers are less likely to get accidents from the repetitive motions involved in manual reel operations because to the automation of the reeling process. Slips, trips, and falls are less likely to occur while using electric reels due to their superior control and accuracy compared to manual handling. 
Industrial and maritime settings are notoriously rough on electric reels, but commercial models are built to endure. The high-quality materials used to make them make them resistant to things like wear, weather, and corrosion. Because they last longer and require less maintenance than manual reels, they end up being a more economical choice in the long run. 
Many different tasks can be accomplished with commercial electric reels due to their extreme adaptability. For example, you can use them to manage power cables, fiber optic cables, water hoses, air hoses, and many more types of materials. Building, manufacturing, fishing, and offshore oil drilling are just a few of the many businesses that can benefit from their adaptability. 
Features that make commercial electric reels easier to use and more accessible are common in their design. To further ensure the operator's safety and convenience, they may even come with remote control systems that enable them to operate the reels from a distance. In order to maximize their usefulness, certain versions come with speed adjustments and reversible winding capabilities. This allows them to be customized to different materials and jobs. 
Electric reels provide environmental benefits alongside operational ones. They lessen the need for physical work, which in turn lessens the environmental impact of employing machinery that is either more energy-intensive or labor-intensive. More sustainable resource utilization is encouraged by the exact control over material handling, which lessens waste and damage. 
Commercial electric reels are an excellent investment for companies looking to save money. Both the time and money spent on labor are reduced as a result of the enhanced efficiency and productivity. Repairs, legal fees, and insurance claims are all things that could end up costing less if there was less chance of physical harm and property damage. Businesses looking to save money would be prudent to invest in electric reels because of these savings, which may add up over time. 
Think about your business's unique requirements before buying a commercial electric reel. Important considerations include the material type, the surrounding conditions, and the necessary reeling capacity. Consider the build quality, the manufacturer's credibility, and the accessibility of warranties and after-sale service. 
Making sure the electric reel can work with your current setup is another critical factor to think about. It ought to work in tandem with your existing system without necessitating major changes or enhancements. To what extent the reel works well in your particular setting depends on factors like how easy it is to install and whether or not it is compatible with other machinery. 
Ultimately, commercial electric reels have many advantages that can revolutionize maritime and industrial processes. There are several good reasons to use these devices, such as the fact that they improve efficiency and safety while decreasing expenses and environmental effects. Companies and professional fishermen may boost their operational effectiveness and succeed in the long run by incorporating the correct electric reel, which requires careful selection.