Engineering Drawings and Technical Information
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Series III - Engineering Drawings    
Twin Super Spool III Drawing - 135k Basic Hydraulic Package Footprint Drawing - 65k
Twin Super Spool III Hydraulic Schematic - 2.6mb Hydraulic Package w/Opt2 Footprint Drawing - 200k
Super Spool III 40 x 80 - 340k Brand Valve with Base Footprint Drawing - 31k
Super Spool III 48 x 80 - 82k Leader/Bouy Cart 24"X26" Drawing - 122k
Super Spool III - Hydraulic Manifold / Motor - 1.5mb Leader/Bouy Cart 24"X13" Drawing - 23k
LS-5 Footprint Drawing - 170k   Leader/Bouy Cart 24"X18" T-Stand Drawing - 23k


Technical Information    
28x - 2 Speed Motor Lever Positions - 3.4mb Parker Taper Shaft Hyd. Motor Service Manual - 2.8mb
40x Spare Parts Identification - 200k 40x Hub, Sleeve and Shaft Parts - 88k
Hydraulic Oil Filter Specifications - 2.8mb 48x Hub, Sleeve and Shaft Parts - 88k
Hydraulic Oil Cooler Specifications - 3.6mb 48x Spare Parts Identification - 200k
Hydraulic Oil Specifications - HTML   Electro-Magnetic Clutch Information - 750kb
Hydraulic Cartridge Identification (Series 3) - 200k   12v Electro-Magnetic Clutch Photo - HTML
Hydraulic Power Unit Cartridge Identification HTML   Brand Control Valve, Exploded Views - 591k
Sun Manifold and Cartridges - 110kb Opt. 2 - 15hp Elctric Motor Starter Spares - 1.5mb
KYB Hydraulic Motor Manual - 6.2mb   Line setter Speed Read-out Technical Info - 1.7mb
KYB Hydraulic Motor Specs. - 451k   Linesetter Hook Depth Calculation Chart - 500kb
Poclain Hydraulic Motor Parts - 800k   Double Bar Levelwind Exploded View -  43kb
Hydraulic Schematic, Main Spool & Cathead - 575kb   Single Bar Levelwind Exploded View -  43kb
28x Hyd. Schematic, Engine Driven Pump - 1.5mb   Levelwind A-B-C-D Dimensions - 200k
Heavy Duty Mono 1.75" Roller Exploded View - 22kb  


Series II - (Old Style) Technical Information    
Maintinence Manual Series II (Old Style) - 2.3mb LS-4 Spare Parts List - 600k
Hydraulic Cartridge Identification (Old Style) - 1.1mb LS-3 / LS-4 Cessna Motor Exploded View - 135k
Counter Balance Adjustment (Old Style) - 2.1mb LS-3 / LS-4 Footprint Drawing - 12k
Maintinence Manual S2 (Old Style Twin) - 600k   LS-3 / LS-4 MF504 Motor Manual - 2.0mb
Motor Mounted Manifold KYB (Old Style)  Illustration Old Style Manifold Series 2 with Linesetter - 132k
LS-3 / LS-4 Line Setter Manual - 1.1mb