Use a minimum of 8 gauge or heavier tinned wire between the battery and receptacle with a 30 amp resettable breaker or 50 amp slow blow fuse on the positive side as close to the battery bank as possible. A Hi-Amp Buss swing arm breaker with a manual trip push button is available from you local marine store or from Lindgren-Pitman. The red wire is the positive, the black is the negative.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT shorten the length of the reels cord – it will void the warranty.
The reel will work with standard lead acid marine duty deep cycle batteries. To ensure you do not deplete the batteries used to start your boat, the SV-2400 should be powered from a separate accessory battery bank that can be switched via a battery switch.
SV2400 Wiring Instructions
Minimum Wire Sizes from Battery to Outlet:
0 to 10 feet - 8 AWG
10 to 20 feet - 6 AWG
For runs greater than 20 feet please contact customer service to discuss your options.

Blue Sea Systems Wire & Fuse Size Poster

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