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Lindgren Pitman has been manufacturing electric fishing reels for over 30 years. Our revolutionary new S1200 12 volt Electric Reel combines all the speed, strength, and reliability needed to bring up any big game fish. Click here to see a video of the 1200 in action catching giant tuna. We also offer conversions for most Penn and Simano big game reels including International and Tiagra. These are available for 12volt, 24volt, and 110volt applications. For your convenience, we are listing several of our online dealers here and we encourage you to either buy from your local dealer.

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Congratulations to some Ft Lauderdale fishermen for landing a 510 lb swordfish on our Lindgren-Pitman S1200 reel.

Here is an excerpt from the Captain's report:
"Our next drop proved to be the drop that was just meant to be. After we reached bottom, we didnt get a bite right away. Minutes passed and nothing. As with any fishing, you have to be patient but fully ready as well. The rod tip bounced a bit. We were getting a bite! We got tight on the fish and this fish fought right from the bite. She started coming up slow, fighting the whole way, until she reached about 800 feet in depth. At that point she started charging to the surface very fast. We couldnt even keep up on the reel. With a lot of line still off the reel, we saw her huge bill break the surface. She was slashing the top of the water. She then settled down and popped her tail out of the water. By the size of the tail, you could tell it was a big fish. The swordfish then kept rose and you could see tail and her dorsal fin completely out of the water. She just sat there slowly moving on the top of the water. That was a sick sight as the distance between the tail and the dorsal was huge. I joked that maybe there were two fish there since there was so much distance between the two fins. She looked like a huge marlin just sitting on top of the water. "

Typical Deep Bottom Fishing Rig

S-1200 Electric Reel
Price: $4,995.00 

LP Shimano Tiagra
Price: $1,849.95